Experience the Digital Workplace of The Future with Mazars’ #InsideMyPhone

Mazars, gives to the future workers a view into what professional life looks like in an increasingly digital workplace. Mazars new #InsideMyPhone campaign offers today’s job candidates a way to experience what a ‘day-in-the-life’ of a Mazars employee is really like – in the form of an interactive experience that participants can easily access on their mobile phones or laptops. In a world where the digital and physical workplaces are increasingly coming together, Mazars is creating a dynamic, innovative and flexible work experience that aligns with the lives of today’s digital natives and future workers.

Experience Mazars

#InsideMyPhone participants earn badges as they experience how a Mazars auditor works and completes tasks throughout their day. This includes how Mazars employees engage with each other on digital platforms, how they collaborate, and even how they review new job offers and promotions.

Win a Dream Trip

Users that complete the journey, which includes finding an office address and connecting with colleagues in other parts of the world, receive a surprise message at the end – and the chance to win a trip to one of the following destinations: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Mexico City or Casablanca.

Live the experience!


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