Transaction services

Transaction services

The transaction services teams advise clients during an acquisition, transfer or company restructuring project. Mazars Malta provides objective and reliable financial information as the foundation to the negotation of the terms of the planned operation.

The first phase of the mission consists of understanding the target company, its operations, business model and, of course, the context of the operation and the problems with which the client is confronted (financial information likely to impact the valuation of the target, synergies, division of activities to transfer…).

The consultant participates in the entire due diligence process: collection of financial information, interaction with the other participants of the project team (client, bankers, lawyers, strategic advisers), discussions with the top management of the target company…

Finally, they summarise and analyse the financial information in a document that is presented to the client.

  • In the context of an acquisition, the transaction services consultant examines the position of the target company in order to draw up a report on its activity, its performance and its financial structure. The goal is to detect the high-risk areas and help the potential buyer to identify and quantify the main challenges inherent to the operation.
  • In the context of a transfer, Mazars works upstream in order to make the sale process more reliable, by identifying the potential risks and producing the appropriate financial information. The summary document, which is designed to be objective, is intended for the potential buyers in order to help them understand the financial position of the target company.

Within Mazars, these professions are part of the Advisory department, which offers its clients all of the expertise relating to financial consulting: valuation, corporate finance, due diligence, assistance to under-performing companies, forensic investigation, dispute settlement, project finance…

Becoming a consultant in transaction services means joining an outstanding, multi-disciplinary team which will enable you to better understand the financial challenges of company merger-acquisition operations.


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