Audit & Assurance

Financial Audit&Assurance involves giving an opinion on the accounts of a company. In concrete terms, the auditor examines the financial statements to verify their integrity and their accuracy in order to certify the accounts of the company.

Beyond a simple examination of the accounts, the financial auditor endeavours to understand the challenges of our clients, thanks to a responsive and observant approach. Audit also establishes a relationship of trust to provide personalised guidance and real technical expertise.

Our Clients

From large multinational companies listed on the stock exchange to middle market companies and SMEs, our clients vary in size and belong to diverse economic sectors.

Therefore, in order to respond to the market developments and also the requirements and needs of our clients, the audit activity is structured according to the size of our clients:

  • Middle Market audit: as an entry-level Middle Market auditor, you will participate in legal audit tasks for small-middle companies and groups.
  • Major Account audit: as an entry-level auditor, you will participate in legal audit tasks for international-scale listed companies.

One of the benefits of working at Mazars, is that you will gain experience across multiple sectors. At the start of your career, you will get the opportunity to work in various industries, before choosing the one that corresponds the most to your aspirations, after four years.

Financial Audit VS Contractual Audit

Financial audit, also known as legal audit, certifies integrity and accuracy of the accounts of any type of organisation: large companies, SMEs, NGOs, foundations, public organisations…

Contractual audit enables an opinion to be given on the financial information of a client or a third party, in particular in the context of a transaction (merger, acquisition…).

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