Your development

Your career at Mazars isn’t just about performing well in your role, it’s about realizing your goals. We help our people develop a true sense of purpose beyond their day-to-day through initiatives that allow you to grow both professionally and personally.

The development opportunities we provide at Mazars will enable you build your skills to do exactly that, whatever your ambitions may be.

Some of the career development programs Mazars offers include:

Leadership and career development programs

  • Accelerate 1, Accelerate 2, and Accelerate 3 – A custom leadership development series specifically designed and delivered for Seniors.
  • AICPA Leadership Academy – A challenging and popular leadership workshop for a select Senior Manager.
  • Career Development Series – Eight webinars each for Managers and Pre-Managers, specifically targeting the challenges faced in these roles.
  • Deep Technical Training for Audit, Tax, A&A by level with market segment variation that is designed and delivered in-house by our own Talent Development team.
  • ELA (Emerging Leadership Academy) – Leadership development program for a select group of Managers featuring connections with other Managers and Senior Managers in our industry.
  • Global Consulting Training Hub for consulting service line through our shared Learning Management System.
  • LEAD (Leadership, Enhancement, Assessments, & Development) – Leadership program for select group of Senior Managers featuring connections with colleagues around the globe.
  • Life-Long Learning Academy – A new commitment in 2022, the L3A represents targeted development programs for each level of an employee’s career at Mazars. The new Manager Development Program is underway with the Senior Manager and Senior Leadership Development Programs readying for launch.
  • Women’s Leadership Seminar – Leadership conference for select group of female senior managers featuring connections with colleagues around the globe.

Business development programs

  • Closing Time – Negotiation and Re-Negotiation Skills program that focuses on Partners and Senior Managers looking to improve their realization rates with stronger client relationships.
  • BD Accelerator – Business development program for Partners and Senior Managers that provides a cohort of support with guidance from global leadership.
  • Rainmaker – Business development program piloted in 2021 and expanding for 2022.

Your professional business school

Why stop learning when you leave the traditional classroom behind? Mazars is your professional business school.

Our very own Mazars University will help you develop your technical and leadership skills, while making sure you are fully equipped for tomorrow as well – at all stages of your professional journey. We see our offices in 90+ countries as campuses for learning, progressing, brainstorming, and sharing across the globe.

We are a talent incubator, allowing each of our people to reveal their best and progress rapidly.

Our values

We ARE Mazars represents our core values and is also an active committee of dedicated professionals from our Team who are committed to serving as stewards and champions of our firm culture.

Rewards and benefits

We are passionate about the well-being of all Mazarians. We recognize that our people are our power, and we seek to show appreciation through competitive salaries, benefits, and professional development opportunities.

Inclusion and diversity

At Mazars, our vision is to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of creating an environment where all our people feel valued, included, and empowered to do their best work.