Your career

Your years at Mazars, years that count…

At Mazars, we are looking for top talent to join our international integrated partnership, who will contribute to our business, as well as building our future and theirs.  Much more than a professional experience, working at Mazars is a true life experience. Your years with us are the ones that will shape you, push you forward and leave a mark on you. They will allow you to travel, to venture and to contribute to the growth of a strongly developing group. You will not find a better environment to achieve your full potential!

Fast-track career progression

We quickly empower our young talents on projects that count, by giving you early managerial responsibilities and favouring international mobility experiences, you have access to an array of professional challenges. PROGRESS TOWARDS MANAGERIAL POSITIONS Talent Management is at the centre of our HR policy. In this way, Mazars encourages and accelerates your responsibility by offering…

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Learning & development

TECHNICAL TRAINING Training is a central element of our HR policy. We invest time and money in the training and development of our teams. We believe technical excellence is key in our profession and in engaging the best talent on the long-term in our organisation.

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The Mazars spirit

Your Years at Mazars, Years that Count At Mazars, we are looking for top talents to join our integrated partnership across 5 continents, who will contribute to our business and building our future and theirs! Much more than a professional experience, working at Mazars is a true life experience. It’s not a first job, it’s…

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Work - life balance

The financial auditor or consultant professions are demanding professions in terms of time, personal investment or travel, but they are cyclical professions that include both very intense and less intense periods. At Mazars, we are aware of this difficulty. This is why we work to preserve the work – life balance thanks to various actions:

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Your onboarding

Making sure our new recruits feel properly welcomed and fully integrated is a top priority for us. The quality of your onboarding will mark the beginning of a successful professional chapter at Mazars for you.

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